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Get Found on the Internet

With or without a website

To have your dental practice found without a website (using dental directories) at little or no cost, go here.

For information on getting your practice listed for FREE in one of several different dental directories, go here.

Have a dental practice website already and simply want to be at the TOP of the search engines for your area? It CAN be done. Ask us how we can do it for your website.

If you are developing a website, then you will want to read many of the sections outlined below. Learn what should be done before building a website. Avoid the mistakes others have made in developing an expensive website that looks terrific but can't be found.

Beware of the dangers of using internet resources that claim to offer the best dentist or doctor and the backfire that can occur when using treatment photos on a website.

Perplexed? Contact us and we will tell you the simplest, safest and most inexpensive methods for getting your dental practice on the internet..

Interested in getting those $20,000-$50,000 full mouth makeover cases but can't figure out how? Contact us and we will explain how it is done

We make your practice appear where you want it to in search engines

Dental Practice Marketing - Internet Technologies

  • A New Medium
  • It's Different
  • Providing the right information

Dental Practice Marketing - Presence

  • Directories - Local Marketing
  • Directories - Regional Marketing
  • Directories - National Marketing
  • World Wide Web - Internet Wide Dental Marketing

Dental Practice Marketing - Accessibility

  • Directories - Database Fed
  • Directories - Deep-linked
  • World Wide Web - Efficient Search Engine Indexing

Dental Practice Marketing - Methods

  • Free Directories
  • Subscription based Directories
  • Free Submissions to Search Engines
  • Paid Submissions to Search Engines
  • Sponsored Links in Search Engines
  • Banner Advertising

Website Development - Planning or Retrofit

  • Technicals First
  • Aesthetics Second
  • Maintenance Third

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